Providing a Low Humidity Environment for Transformer Repair

Environmental Control for Transformer Repair



Our client was required to carry out maintenance on specialised transformers. To complete this maintenance work, a temperature specific, very low humidity environment was required to maintain the integrity of the transformers. 
Equipment such as transformers need to be kept in a low humidity environment for any repairs and maintenance. Accordingly, Air Solutions sister company in Australia have supplied desiccant dehumidifiers to control humidity levels inside of purpose built maintenance buildings. 



  • Create the low humidity environment required for repair works
  • Lowered relative humidity to below 5% RH at 27 degrees Celsius. 
  • Supplied large commercial dehumidifiers and air conditioning units. 
  • 2 dehumidifiers and 2 portable air conditioners supplied



Many large power generation sites throughout Australia have transformers to change voltage of power for transportation. These transformers require regular maintenance and, from time to time, repair. Repair works to transformers must be carried out in a very specific environment. The ideal humidity and temperature is 5% RH and 27 degrees Celsius. These transformers can be located on remote sites throughout Australia and can have varying environmental conditions that need to be taken into consideration when scheduling maintenance. 
When a transformer requires maintenance, it is required to be disconnected and stripped. This exposes electrical connections and parts. If moisture was to form on any of these parts, the transformer will not function correctly once reassembled and reconnected to electricity. It was for this reason that the project manager contacted The Air Solutions Australian office in order to minimise the risk factors they were facing without any humidity control in the maintenance room.  


We achieve this using a combination of pre-cooled air and desiccant dehumidifiers to achieve an even lower relative humidity. Desiccant dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air using a rotating desiccant wheel. The large surface area of this honey comb like structure absorbs moisture from the air, lowering the absolute humidity level of the air pumped into the transformer maintenance area. These units have a robust construction, easy and simple maintenance, with a very long operating life.



After discussions with our technical experts, the company decided to hire some dehumidifiers and air conditioners from our rental fleet. This was to provide short term controlled environment while repairs and maintenance was carried out.  The units are able to be transported to specific sites as required for repairs and maintenance. 
The maintenance company now has the ability to conduct on-site maintenance without any risk to the transformers. Dehumidifiers are connected to an air inlet and blow air through the pipes. The dehumidifiers supplied are transportable and are easily connected with ducting when required.