Sandbasting: Protect Against Corrosion and Condensation

The Problem:

Condensation on freshly sandblasted or painted tank surfaces can be a serious problem; particularly if unfavourable weather continues for any length of time. In order for surface protection to yield good, durable protection, the surface must be kept clean and corrosion-free during the interval between grit-blasting (surface preparation) and painting. Air Solutions dehumidification solutions are an efficient and economic way to achieve this aim.

The Solution:

Air Solutions rents out industrial dehumidifiers to lower RH and the dew point of the surrounding air in order to reduce the risk of condensation.


  • Surface preparation can be carried out regardless of outside factors such as air temperature, pollution or season
  • Blasting can be done without double or triple shifts, which can save up to 20% in labour costs
  • The painting contractor can plan and carry out his work with no risk of expensive downtime.