Sublimation: How to defrost Ice without creating puddles of water?

 A common problem with cold stores and freezers in the build up of ice on evaporator coils, surfaces and product boxes. This occurs from moisture entering the cold store every time the doors are opened. We provide solutions to stop this moisture getting in, and so reducing ice build up and decreasing defrost cycles. Click here for more...


But what happens when you need to remove existing ice?

When renting one of our dehumidifiers or purchasing new equipment, our gear will not only reduce new ice forming but also, when doors are closed, work on removing existing built up ice. 


How to remove ice without heating or creating puddles of water?

Our solutions are based on using desiccant rotor technology which has the ability to absorb moisture from the air irrespective of the temperature. This means we can remove moisture in very cold conditions. Dehumidification works to sublimate ice into water vapour.


What is sublimation?

When the air surrounding ice is dry, sublimation occurs. Sublimation is when ice turns directly into water vapor without first transitioning into a liquid. In cold store's and freezers sublimation occurs when the ice is surrounded by very dry air. The example typically used in most manuals/ guides is the concept of hanging a  wet sweater on a line in freezing temperatures. Although it may take a few days, the wet clothing article will first freeze and then eventually dry out.

sublimation of ice