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ComDry Series Desiccant Dehumidifiers (160 - 210 m³/h)

The ComDry series are specially designed to control humidity and eliminate damaging condensation in any environment.  The ComDry dehumidifiers are robustly built from corrosion resistant light weight material.  A multifunction control panel provides a variety of control options making the ComDry extremely flexible and energy efficient. 

The compact size give unlimited options for small spaces including storage and preservation, water works and construction.

ComDry M190Y

The ComDry M190Y’s low weight makes it very effective for frequent mobile applications and if used in combination with high pressure fans it is the ultimate dehumidifier for restoration applications.

Munters ComDry M190Y is easy to maintain, with filter replacement quick and simple - making it the ideal choice for preservation applications.

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ComDry M210X

The ComDry M210X’s low weight makes it very effective for frequent mobile applications and it is equally easy to maintain. Furthermore the high static pressure within the dehumidifier makes booster fans unnecessary when dehumidifying wooden floors or inflating foil cushions.

Munters ComDry M210X is the ultimate dehumidification choice for preservation applications.

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ComDry M170L

The ComDry M170L is designed for applications in closed rooms,
unheated basements or where it is prohibited to keep windows open overnight due to security/insurance issues. An air cooled condenser recycles the reactivation air whilst ambient air is cooled below its dewpoint. The resulting water droplets extracted from the air are collected in a drip tray and pumped away with a built in drainage pump. Easy to maintain Munters ComDry M170L is the perfect choice for mobile and static preservation applications.

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