IceDry1400 installed at Taylor Preston

Two Units Installed in Three Months. Return on Investment in First Year

Taylor Preston Ltd is a privately owned meat slaughterer, processing and export company situated in Ngauranga Gorge near Wellington, New Zealand. In 2012 they decided to take a stand against ice build-up and condensation in their cold stores and invest in a Icedry desiccant dehumidifier. The first IceDry1400 dehumidifier was originally installed temporarily on a two week trial basis with one week free of charge installation period. After a total of three weeks Taylor Preston gave the go ahead for the dehumidifier to be permanently installed. Once results were seen, Taylor Preston ordered a second Icedry dehumidifier for a different Freezer area.

In the past, Taylor Preston experienced problems with ice build-up on ceiling, floor and sides of their freezer door. This caused considerable interruption for forklift operations as ice build-up around the door blocked the entrance way when carrying loads. This was costing Taylor Preston approximately $50,000 per year alone for labour. Air Solutions worked with John Taylor, Engineering Manager to provide a solution to this problem. Installing Munters IceDry1400 dehumidifier has created a clean, dry environment in the cold store. No time is lost by manually cleaning away ice build-up and forklift operations do not experience unnecessary disruptions. This will result in saving thousands of dollars each year.

Taylor Preston recognised the Icedry dehumidifier as the best solution for removing ice from freezers and lowering the load on the existing refrigeration system. Pleased with the result of the initially installation, Taylor Preston decided to install a second unit in another freezer area “Freezer Load out F3”. In this area there was a considerable issue with ice build-up on the product (cartons), walls, and ceilings and so on. Installing an Icedry dehumidifier into this area has helped Taylor Preston eliminate this issue, providing a dry, condensation free environmen

icedry  2.jpg


  • Coldstore without ice Reduces the risk of accidents
  • Maintains the cold chain
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves quality ofproducts stored