Dehumidifier to Eliminate Ice in New Zealand Coldstores

IceDry1400 dehumidifier installed at Taylor Preston

One more Munters IceDry1400 dehumidifier has been installed permanently in New Zealand at Taylor Preston Ltd.

Taylor Preston Ltd, is a privately owned meat slaughterer, processing and export company situated in Ngauranga Gorge near Wellington, New Zealand.

Before the installation of Munters IceDry1400 dehumidifier, Taylor Preston experienced ice build up on ceiling, floor and sides of the freezer door. This caused considerable interruptions for forklift operations as ice build up around the door blocked the entrance way when carrying loads. Air Solutions worked with John Taylor, Engineering Manager to provide a solution to this problem. Installing Munters IceDry1400 dehumidifierhas created a clean, dry environment in the cold store. No time is lost by manually cleaning away ice build up and forklift operations do not experience unnecessary disruptions. 


Eliminate Condensation and Ice

A common problem with cold stores and freezers is the build up of ice and condensation.

Achieve a cold store without ice, improve product quality and reduce the risk of accidents using dehumidification



  • Coldstore without ice
  • Reduces the risk of accidents
  • Maintains the cold chain
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves quality of products stored

Units installed in NZ:

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Taylor Preston

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