Our large rental units can be used in many different applications.

From sand blasting of big petrol station tanks and specialised industrial coating projects to drying honey tanks and product labeling problems. We pride ourselves to provide a short term solution and help maintain a high level of service for your customers. All of our rental units are tested and maintained before and after every single job. 

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Available Equipment

HCD600 - 1020m3/hr

With a tough exterior, the HCD600 is built for all conditions. This unit is great for applications which may need to store the dehumidifier outside. This unit was last used to help keep an Auckland airport fuel tank dry during construction and painting. 

HCD1125 - 1910m3/hr

The HCD1125 unit can be placed outside and withstand tough conditions. This Honey Combe dehumidifier is most popular use is for keeping boats dry during the painting process. It is durable, simple to operate, and needs very little maintenance.

HCD2250 - 3820m3/hr

The HCD2250 unit can be placed outside and withstand tough conditions. This unit is popular for keeping big petrol tanks dry during the sand blasting process and dehumidifying medium sized cool rooms and freezers.

HCD4500 - 7650m3/hr

The HCD4500 is the "big-daddy" of our rental fleet. This unit can also be placed outside and withstand very tough conditions. This unit is popular for dehumidifying large freezers and processing facilities, where moisture is an issue. Recently used for drying a tunnel.


Rental dehumidification and equipment for water damage and moisture control

We maintain, in stock, an extensive range of rental equipment to meet your water damage and moisture control requirements. This range enables Air Solutions to respond efficiently to all manners of moisture control both large and small. 


What dehumidifier do I require?

Air Solutions are happy to help with the selection and set up advice suitable for your application. We will discuss your requirements , time frame and budget to come up with a suitable solution. Established clients can also benefit from alternate long term agreements.

Use Air Solutions to meet your requirements and realise the following benefits

  • Large range of dehumidifiers with fast & efficient delivery options

  • Knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs

  • High quality equipment correctly maintained and serviced

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