compact humidifiers nz

Electrode Steam

The Fisair Diphusair Electrode is compact and space-saving. It includes 6 unit sizes with steam capacities of max 6-58 kg/h, with optional Master-Slave operation up to 464 kg/h. Intelligent self-adjustment to water quality

The new intelligent Fisair microprocessor controls include the option of modular upgrading. They accept all standard control signals. Self-adjusting, they choose the most economic mode of operation for the available water quality and monitor  the complete humidification process.

compact humidifiers nz

Resistive Steam

Compact unit measurements together with optimum component accessibility - saving space and time during installation and service. With a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel housing the Diphusair Resistance can be operated with completely deionised water, softened water or tap water.