Why Rent?

Controlling humidity in environments is vital to ensuring efficient project work or business continuity. At Air Solutions we understand that requirements may change depending on seasonal variations in humidity or on project work. That's why we provide short term rental options to help our customers always achieve the best environmental conditions possible.


Available Equipment

M120  - 120m3/hr

Great for small areas, the M120 is a portable dehumidifier perfect for small jobs. This dehumidifier is typically used for small rooms which need to be kept dry, small tanks or under house applications.

ML180 - 180m3/hr

The ML180 is a versatile dehumidifier used for all applications which need up to 180m3/hr in capacity. The ML180 was recently used in Avondale to keep milk powder drums dry during production.


MLT350 - 350m3/hr

The MLT350, is the ML180's big sister with an addition booster fan built in to increase its capacity. Its small, compact size means that it is easy to install in all places. This is the largest single phase unit available.

ML1350 - 1350m3/hr

The ML1350 is our largest ML Range dehumidifier. This unit was recently used to remove high condensation on the walls and ceilings of a food processing plant. 



Rental dehumidification and equipment for water damage and moisture control

We maintain, in stock, an extensive range of rental equipment to meet your water damage and moisture control requirements. This range enables Air Solutions to respond efficiently to all manners of moisture control both large and small. 


What dehumidifier do I require?

Air Solutions are happy to help with the selection and set up advice suitable for your application. We will discuss your requirements , time frame and budget to come up with a suitable solution. Established clients can also benefit from alternate long term agreements.

Use Air Solutions to meet your requirements and realise the following benefits

  • Large range of dehumidifiers with fast & efficient delivery options

  • Knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs

  • High quality equipment correctly maintained and serviced

To make Air Solutions an integral part of your business, contact 0800 433 486 and open an account today.