Cost-Effective Dehumidifiers for Water Damage Restoration

Heavy duty and rugged, these dehumidifiers quickly and efficiently extract water, dry flooring and walls, and curb harmful mold growth. Our portable dehumidifiers feature large wheels for ease of mobility and internal condensate pumps for no-hassle water removal. They are also ductable to maximize airflow for more effective drying.

These dehumidifiers are perfect for carpet drying and flood restoration work drawing out moisture from carpet, underlay, walls, sub-floor, building structure and furnishings. Other applications can include drying rooms, pool areas, food processing, archive storage and much more. 

The dehumidifiers are great thanks, the first one we purchased off you has virtually been working 24/7 since we have received it and still going great.

We are very happy with them, we couldn’t do our work without them.
— Mary and John, Cyclorinse Air Filters
             Aider 80L               Refrigeration System 



* CE / LVD / EMC approval

* Removes 60 Litres of moisture per day (30℃, 80%RH)

* Type: Standard refrigerant

* Hot gas bypass for low temperature defrost

* Water automatic pump out

* Electrical control with auto‐restart feature

* Operating running hour counter

* Activated carbon sponge filters

* Separate LED control Box for easy maintenance

* Digital control panel displays system

* Built‐in sensors monitor RH and temperature

* Software to diagnose faults

* Large strong wheels with semi‐pneumatic tire, strong handle, good balance when being wheeled up stair

* Faster maintenance by removing entire housing easily

* Quick disconnect coupling for drainage pipe connected easily and fast

* Stackable for space saving

Technical SpecificationsPortable Aider 60L
Power Supply220V‐ 240V/50Hz
Refrigerant Gas R410A
Capacity (30°C,80%RH)60 L/Day
Body Size (mm)500 x 455 x 705
N.W/G.W (kgs)38/41
Rated Power (W)780
Air flow (m3/hr)510